Plasma Kallikrein activity assay k

General description

Product name

Kallikrein Plasma Assay Kit

Detection method: Colorimetric

Example type: Plasma

Product description

The Plasma Kallikrein Assay Kit (ab241042) utilizes the ability of active plasma kallikrein to cleave a pNA-based synthetic peptide substrate to release pNA (OD405nm), which can be easily quantified with a microplate reader. The specific plasma kallikrein inhibitor (PKSI) selectively inhibits the ability of plasma kallikrein to cleave the synthetic substrate. The kit is easy to use and can detect the pharmacokinetic activity of purified plasma kallikrein and plasma samples.


Storage instructions

Store at -20 ° C. See protocols.


The enzyme cleaves the Lys-Arg and Arg-Ser bonds. It activates, in a reciprocal reaction, factor XII after its binding to a negatively charged surface. It also releases bradykinin from HMW kininogen and may also play a role in the renin-angiotensin system by converting prorenin to renin.

Participation in the disease

Defects in KLKB1 are the cause of prekallikrein deficiency (PKK deficiency) [MIM: 612423]; also known as Fletcher factor deficiency. This disorder is a blood clotting defect.

Sequence similarities

  • It belongs to the S1 peptidase family. Plasma kallikrein subfamily.
  • Contains 4 Apple domains.
  • Contains 1 S1 peptidase domain.

Alternative names

  • Fletcher factor
  • kallikrein plasma B
  • Kallikrein plasma B (Fletcher factor) 1

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