Monkey Brain Total RNA, Cynomolgus

Product description

Monkey cynomolgus brain total RNA is extracted from normal healthy tissue from a single adult cynomolgus monkey donor using the classic guanidine isothiocyanate phenol extraction method: chloroform that allows the rapid isolation of total RNA, including microRNAs. RNA is treated with RNase-free DNase-1 to remove residual DNA, accurately quantified by NanoDrop, and stored at -80oC.


The integrity of each RNA sample indicated by intact ribosomal RNA is verified by denatured agarose gel electrophoresis. The purity of the RNA is evaluated by a spectrophotometer (A260 / A280: 1.9-2.1). Residual DNA contamination is tested by PCR.


RNA is ideal for Northern blotting, ribonuclease protection assay, SI nuclease assay, RT-PCR / Q-PCR / RACE analysis, cDNA synthesis, RNA differential presentation, microRNA studies, and mRNA purification for the construction of libraries.

Packing / Shipping:

The total RNA sample is routinely provided in RNase-free water at a concentration of 1 mg/ml and shipped on dry ice for overnight delivery.

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